New hormonal Rx for breast CA approved

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Researchers are cautiously enthusiastic about anastrozole (Arimidex) a new hormonal agent that has shown a 22% increased survival rate for postmenopausal women treated for metastatic breast cancer.  Anastrozole which has just been approved by the Health Protection Branch of Health Canada has the added benefit of being a well-tolerated drug with minimal side effects.  Two identical international trials one in North America and one in Europe and Australia were conducted with more than 500 postmenopausal women unsuccessfully treated with tamoxifen and ready for second-line hormone therapy. Two-hundred and sixty-three women were randomized to receive either 1 mg/day or 10 mg/d anastrozole and 253 were randomized to receive 40 mg megestrol acetate the standard second-line hormonal therapy.   (more…)

Reaction Without Fear, Part 2

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hen determining the type of fear you are dealing with try looking at the bigger picture. Step aside, slow down and notice what you are afraid of. For me, it would have been losing money, having to adjust my lifestyle, but it all came down to one thing, change. (more…)

Reaction Without Fear, Part 1

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Operating a graphic arts business for the past 20 years has certainly brought its share of memorable experiences. The most challenging being, how to respond to any given situation without “reacting”. This is a lesson in responding to uncomfortable situations without the reaction of fear. (more…)

Swimming. Part 2

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Well-fitting bathing suit

Bathing cap — A cap keeps hair out of your eyes, minimizes water resistance, insulates your head in cool water and protects your hair from chlorinated water. (more…)

Swimming. Part 1

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What is it?
What comes to mind when you think of swimming? Maybe you picture someone doing endless laps in an Olympic-sized pool. But lap swimming is only one form of water exercise. Whether you are a beginning swimmer or an experienced one, working out in water can be the ideal way to condition your body. (more…)

The Kung Fu of Tai Chi Chuan

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The literal translation of Kung Fu is, ‘hard work or skillful effort.’ Although the movement in Tai Chi Chuan appears to be relaxed and effortless, there are many things happening beneath the surface. (more…)


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Only if you are committed should you begin your lifelong journey to health and the healthy weight that will follow. Otherwise, you will still be seeking the temporary fixes that will ultimately end in failure, yet again. (more…)

Are Your Members Satisfied? Part 2

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Good service is more than just a goodreturn policy. Crawford and Mathews found that consumers differentiated between various kinds of services a company can offer. The first is “pre-sale service,” characterized by a knowledgeable salesperson or front desk attendant who is capable of answering a potential member’s questions. (more…)

Are Your Members Satisfied? Part 1

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How do your members perceive your facility? It is likely that their perceptions change depending on circumstances. For example, as John, one of your fitness specialists, makes his rounds, he stops by a member who is riding a stationary cycle to offer suggestions and tochat. The member perceives John as a helpful, friendly employee, and the club’s service as being good. (more…)

Skip the Extras

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Many people want to boost their exercise benefit by adding hand held or ankle weights to their daily walk, run or other aerobic exercise program. As much as we would like this to be an effective workout, it is neither effective nor is it safe. (more…)