10 Things To Try to Remodel Your Kitchen in Less Time

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Remodeling a kitchen may be a large project. Kitchen remodeling may be a time-consuming endeavor, with months or weeks being required depending on the project’s scope. Nonetheless, you can do a few things which would speed up your kitchen remodeling. The following 10 tips will set you on the right road to remodeling your kitchen quickly, while still ending up with a quality job.

1) If doable, work together with the current space. It takes much time to alter walls. It is pricey as well. If you want to remodel or update, try to come up with ideas as to how to use your existing space more efficiently. If you want to make the kitchen bigger, then move or take out just one wall. The drywall, amount of framing and electrical work required will then be limited.

2) Keep the sink at its current location. Significant costs will be added to your project if you need to relocate plumbing, and this process is also time-consuming. It is still possible to replace the sink. Just keep it in the identical location as the old one so that pipes won’t have to be rerouted, as that could result in a mess that could involve damage to your flooring.

3) Avoid moving the gas line as well as gas appliances. You will spend a lot more time to finish up your kitchen remodel if you move the gas line. The expertise of a professional may be needed in many areas. This work must be scheduled in advance, with time blocked out for moving the line as well as for making any repairs to flooring and walls that may be necessary after the move has been completed.

4) Select standard-sized stock cabinets for your job. Since you will be able to pick up these cabinets right away or have them delivered, you won’t have to wait for custom cabinets to be built and delivered. Those stock cabinets will be all set to just put into place and affix to the floor or walls. This saves time usually needed for assembly of special-order cabinets and the on-the-job time needed to construct custom cabinets.

5) If you purchase semi-custom or custom cabinets, lend a hand and put them together for your contractor. If you have done a bit of do-it-yourself renovation, it is not that hard to put together pre-cut cabinets. But putting these cabinets together may be time consuming. It is possible to save time during the remodeling project if you can put the cabinets together ahead of time so that they are ready for your contractor to hang.

6) Install large stock cabinets for a pantry instead of constructing a closet. That way you’ll save time since you won’t be knocking out a wall, reframing and hanging drywall for a closet. You may discover that you prefer the look of the matched cabinetry all through remodeled kitchen.

7) Instead of installing new cabinets, you could reface them. If the cabinets you’ve now are in fairly good shape, have them refaced rather than replaced. This will keep you from wasting time. The work may be completed in one day, in some instances.

8) Put in a brand-new countertop. The renovated kitchen will appear shiny and fresh with a new countertop. You can totally alter the character of your kitchen by selecting the countertop material.

9) Avoid putting in a backsplash. If you’re trying to speed up your kitchen remodeling, don’t bother with installing or replacing the backsplash. Tile installation requires a good amount of time to dry and set all the way through. If you don’t have much time, then postpone this to a weekend project later.

10) If you want to install a window seat, it is possible to utilize stock cabinets for the base of the seat, rather than purchasing custom seats. This makes for an attractive and affordable option that will save you time. It is not difficult to locate stock cabinets that are the correct height for your seat. Just pick cabinets which match or conform to your kitchen cabinets. Then all you have to do is set the boards atop the cabinets and put on some cushions.

Those 10 ideas can be real time savers when it comes to your kitchen remodel. As you start planning your project, you will possibly think of others. However, you may have a successful start with these 10 ideas for remodeling kitchen more quickly.