Can Asbestos Cause Colon Cancer

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Q.Can asbestos exposure be linked to colon cancer? My husband was a firefighter and was exposed to asbestos insulation at a fire years ago. He recently died of colon cancer. (more…)

Weekly Horoscope with a Twist Post 2

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The flowing trine between Jupiter in Gemini and Neptune in Aquarius increases the potential for thoughts and communication of a spiritual, mystical nature. Even die-hard athesists and agnostics will feel connected to something much larger then themselves. Since this trine occurs in the Air element, which encourages verbal communication, subjects including philosophy, travel, “searching,” and education, as well as religion, will be on many people’s lips. (more…)

Medical Transport. How To Choose a Service?

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Be a savvy consumer

How do you know what is the best mode of medical transport for your circumstances? In emergency situations, that decision likely will be made by the rescue and medical personnel who first respond. In non-emergency situations, the attending physicians and staff likely will aid you in your decision. When you contact a private medical transport company, personnel should be helpful and open in answering your questions.


Weekly Horoscope with a Twist Post 1

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This very interesting first week of April is bookended by the First Quarter Moon and the Full Moon. It is still a fortuitous time for growth; the entire week is full of exciting planetary aspects. Full speed ahead! (more…)

How can I Tone my Body Part 3

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6. Side Raise
Targeted muscles: shoulders
Hold a weighted object in each hand near your thighs.
Keep elbows and knees slightly bent.
Extend your arms out from your sides until they are slightly higher than parallel with the ground.
Lower objects. (more…)

How can I Tone my Body Part 2

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3. Prone Single Leg Lift
Targeted muscles: back of legs and buttocks
Lie on your stomach.
Lift the entire right leg, from the hip down, off the floor.
Return to resting position and repeat with left leg.
Begin with one set of 10 to 15 repetitions for each leg.
Increase by one to two repetitions per week, building up to 30 reps.
Add a second set after one month of performing 30 reps.