The Remedies of War Part 3

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Unlike the Persian Gulf War, Vietnam veterans suffer a unique predicament. The responsibility and blame was left on the heads of those that fought the war. They were left to sort out who was responsible for what. There was no “homecoming parade”, no yellow ribbons. Instead they were spat upon, or jostled by the antiwar demonstrators who called them “baby killers”, asking them to wear humiliation that did not come off with their uniform. (more…)

The Remedies of War Part 2

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The symptoms may vary between individuals. And, although I am not advocating isopathic medicine for the exposures about to be mentioned, I feel it is important to state clues that may lead to a clearer etiology to help find their correct remedy. Perhaps this could be likened to viewing a plague or epidemic in the past. Hahnemann, from his Organon of Medicine, aphorism. (more…)

Collegiate Health and Wellness

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New Piercing Fad Brings About Health Concerns

Piercing a variety of body parts and inserting jewelry can be traced to ancient times, and has become a very popular fad with adolescents and young adults today. However, there is much to be considered before proceeding with piercing.


The Remedies of War Part 1

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The following are some of the observations I gathered while working with 42 Vietnam Veterans as a student at the Hahnemann College of Homeopathic Medicine in Albany, California, where we were asked to do research on a project over 18 months. (more…)

Preventing Diabetes Related Heart Attacks

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People with diabetes who’ve already had a heart attack may forestall further heart trouble by taking a cholesterol-lowering drug, even if they don’t have high cholesterol, according to a study in the December 8, 1998, Circulation. (more…)

Living in a split world

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Professional parents, both men and women, in the Valley suffer the particular strains of juggling family and work, including the stigma of the so-called “drag coefficient” of parenting — basically, being perceived as less valuable because their parenting commitment could hamper their productivity. Women have suffered this for many years. Now men are, well, catching up. (more…)