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PlayStation 2 fans finally have a skateboarding game to play.
The bad news is that the game, ESPN X-Games Skateboarding (more…)

Sk8Mental Shropshires First Skate Park

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I own Shropshire’s first SkatePark – Sk8Mental.

It’s on Stafford Park 11 in Telford and it rocks !
Even got its first review in Unity and this place is all you ever need. (more…)

Why marketers should focus on great digital creative. Part 2

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From my perspective, things began to go wrong in the early days of the Internet when Procter & Gamble, long one of the most dominant and far-reaching forces in the marketing world, decided that it would only pay for advertisements on Web sites if people happened to click on them.


Why marketers should focus on great digital creative. Part 1

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As an accountant, I believe I am qualified to say this to many of you marketing types: Would you please stop acting like accountants and get back to acting like marketing folks?

Now that I have your attention, permit me to get this off my chest.


Ambivalence is Normal

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How you feel about yourself, your baby, and your pregnancy most likely will change from time to time during the nine months of gestation.

If the pregnancy was a surprise, finding out you are pregnant may be more of an emotional shock than if the pregnancy was planned. (more…)

Obstacles That Get in the Way of Success in School

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During their journey from dependent to independent human beings, adolescents experiment with a variety of behaviors and relationships. Sometimes the choices they make are not in their best interest and may bring on consequences that could alter their academic career, and, therefore, their lives. (more…)