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Parable New Media has enabled some of Toronto’s leading organizations to achieve tangible results. Learn how we can help your organization reach your most ambitious goals. (more…)

Your Baby’s Weight

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You’re at the playground or pediatrician with your baby, and you see another mother eyeing your little one. “How old is he?” is her first question. “What was his birth weight?” is often the second. “What does he weigh now?” comes soon after. New Moms, especially first-time Moms, are often terribly concerned with their baby’s weight and eager to compare with other Moms. (more…)

Schuyler School – Wired to the World

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On May 10, 2011, Schuyler School participated in NetDay. With a generous donation from the PTA, and hard work of our volunteers we were able to wire 24 classrooms for access to the Internet. (more…)

Multiple Vitamins

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In a Harvard Medical School sponsored study that was published in the October 1, 1998 edition of the prestigious medical journal, The Annals of Internal Medicine, concluded that the long term use of multiple vitamins reduced colon cancer risk by 75%! The risk was reduced by 20% after 5 years and 75% after 15 years of taking multiple vitamins.1 (more…)

The Simple Truth About Soy. Part 2

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Soyfoods assists in healthy heart function in several ways. They reduce cholesterol by prohibiting its oxidation. Oxidized cholesterol is the only form that damages, causing plaque to build up in the arteries. Familiar terms for this condition are atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis. Soy also appears to lower triglyceride levels and maintain HDL (good) cholesterol levels. (more…)

The Simple Truth About Soy. Part 1

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There is so much power packed into the little soybean and the world is starting to recognize just how much. It has been written that soy foods are an excellent addition to a healthy eating lifestyle. Now it is time to find out how soyfoods began. What really are the health benefits of soy? What is tofu anyway?


Retrial in Libya of Medics Back on Track

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The retrial in Libya of five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian doctor who have been accused of deliberately contaminating hundreds of Libyan children with AIDS, reopened this week.

Judge Mahmud al-Huweissa has called for the process to be sped up and has adjourned the trial to June 20 after a brief session and ruled that any petitions will in future need to be filed in writing. (more…)