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The National Adoption Information Clearing House
The National Adoption Information Clearing House offers links to almost 100 adoption newsletters and publications that address everything from general adoption issues to specific ones, including international adoptions, adoptions by gays and lesbians, open adoption, single adoption and more. (more…)

Fat-Free Feeding Frenzy Flouts Facts. Part 2

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The low-fat proponents cited a study that showed people lost weight better on a diet rich in plant foods and low in fat. The alternative-fat proponents graphed the results of six studies that showed weight loss from low-fat diets was mostly in the first three to six months, after which weight plateaued or was gained. (more…)

Fat-Free Feeding Frenzy Flouts Facts. Part 1

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This could be fun, I thought, writing the head for this editorial. I started writing:

Famished Food Fanciers’ Fetish for Fat-Free Food Flunks Fitness Feasibility

But that wouldn’t fit. Neither would: (more…)

Expand Your Assertiveness Tool Kit

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She is “everywoman.” Isabella, a former patient, is bright, outgoing, warm and funny. She is also very successful in her career as a photographer. But Izzy has a deep, dark secret. She doesn’t know how to express displeasure, ask for what she needs, or stop putting everyone else’s wants before her own. Sound familiar? (more…)

Progress against Colon Cancer. Part 2

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However, treatment advances over the past decade have included a combined chemotherapy regimen for disease involving lymph nodes (which has raised survival rates from 40 percent to 60 percent), and surgical removal of liver metastases in certain patients (raising survival rates from less than 10 percent to more than 25 percent in those patients). (more…)

Progress against Colon Cancer. Part 1

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Q.Why is colon cancer so frequently fatal? Have doctors made any recent progress in treatments and cures?

R.H.V. (more…)

What Is Fifth Disease ?

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Fifth disease is a viral childhood illness. It is so named because it is placed among the five common infections — along with measles, German measles (rubella), roseola and scarlet fever — that cause a rash and fever, and that are contagious. (more…)