Unequal Pay for Unequal Work Pay-for-Performance, Part 2

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Make a commitment to increasing productivity

Individual performance is inextricably connected to the overall productivity of your business. To improve individual performance,explain to employees how their individual actions affect the whole facility. Exploit the power of pride by recognizing outstanding performances. (more…)

Unequal Pay for Unequal Work Pay-for-Performance, Part 1

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Simply stated, capitalism creates wealth by encouraging people to be productive. Why don’t you try the same concept in your fitness facility? Pay-for-performance works like this: You set standards for performance, then reward those who exceed the standards. Pay-for-performance does not take into account years of service, seniority, education, potential or other measures of future achievements. All that matters is performance. Consider the steps involved in setting up an effective pay-for-performance program in your facility. (more…)

How Habits Form

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You’ve probably heard someone say that smoking is just a “bad habit.” While nicotine addiction and psychological dependence contribute to the problem, habit is also probably a big part of why you smoke. Let’s look at how habits are formed so you can have a better understanding of how to break them. (more…)

Speech Concerns in Toddlers

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Your pediatrician is not concerned about your son’s language development, because he hasn’t had a history of ear infections and because he is using language fairly well. It is not likely that your son is having problems hearing. (more…)

Tonsils To Go or Not to Go?

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A generation ago, “having your tonsils out” was almost a rite of passage. Parents expected it. Children’s fears were calmed with the promise of getting “all the ice cream you want.” (more…)

Why Should We Care About Menopause? Part 2

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It’s going to be difficult for an 80-year-old woman to defy her age for one-third of her life, regardless of genetics and plastic surgery. It should not be an impossible goal to have 80-year-old women take pride in their appearance, enjoy their favorite hobbies that may include dancing, swimming, hiking, etc., and continue to expand their minds. (more…)

Why Should We Care About Menopause? Part 1

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Too often, women have symptoms associated with menopause but don’t know what causes them and what may make them better. I find it maddening when women go to their healthcare providers and describe their symptoms only to be given a prescription for hormone replacement therapy (HRT) without a thorough explanation of risks, benefits and alternatives. (more…)