A Graceful Approach

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For anyone who’s dreamed of possessing the power and grace of a ballet dancer but wasn’t blessed with the gift, the New York Sports Clubs in Manhattan may have an answer. Through their New York City Ballet Workout, the clubs offer members a means for achieving a dancer’s body, regardless of previous dance experience or skill.

Based on choreography from the New York City Ballet, the classes are geared toward all fitness levels and concentrate on building firmer abdominals, arm definition, a more elongated musculature and overall strength.

“It provides a new slant on the ‘mind-body’ workout concept,” says training manager Ann Marie Miller. “By using music and modified dance pieces from the NYC Ballet repertoire, we bring a taste of New York culture into our clubs.” Since the classes began last January, Miller says they have been drawing the attention of a variety of members, particularly those looking for an alternative to traditional step and aerobics classes. The ballet workout has become so popular, she says, all classes currently have waiting lists.

The development of the workout, which involved input from professional dancers and exercise physiologists, created a win-win marketing venture for both New York Sports Clubs and the NYC Ballet. Not only did the joint venture lend prestige to the sports clubs, but it put the ballet company in touch with a new group of potential subscribers.

“We have been able to use attractive posters from the NYC Ballet to promote the program in our clubs,” says Miller, “and we encourage NYCB to distribute season schedules and subscriber information in our clubs.”

New York Sports Clubs will gain further exposure when the book The New York City Ballet Workout is released next month.

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