Ambivalence is Normal

Women's Health |

How you feel about yourself, your baby, and your pregnancy most likely will change from time to time during the nine months of gestation.

If the pregnancy was a surprise, finding out you are pregnant may be more of an emotional shock than if the pregnancy was planned. If you are not ecstatic upon first receiving the news that your pregnancy test is positive, don’t feel alone. Many women feel ambivalent when faced with the reality of having a child. Give yourself time to adjust. You may begin to feel connected to the fetus, and more positive about your pregnancy, when you hear the fetal heartbeat at Week 12 or when the baby first starts to move at about Week 16 to Week 20 .

As you progress into your pregnancy, you may feel frustrated due to the stress of lifestyle changes you have to make, financial concerns, or physical symptoms that arise. Even if you were thrilled at first, you may become depressed when your clothes don’t fit and you keep getting bigger. Or it may make you angry to have to deprive yourself of pleasures such as drinking wine and coffee regularly, or eating sweets.

Give yourself a break. Being pregnant can be stressful at times. Take time out of every day to relax and concentrate on the positive things in your life. Having mixed feelings, or being depressed every once in a while, is completely normal.

The best thing about pregnancy is that it results in an amazing addition to your family. Handling your pregnancy as responsibly as possible, doing what is necessary to ensure the health and safety of your unborn child, as well as trying to enjoy the changes you are experiencing, will make these nine months rewarding and special. Your efforts will pay off soon, when your child is born, and will continue to do so throughout the child’s life.

If the ambivalent feelings you experience are constant, and are significantly affecting your personal relationships or your ability to handle day-to-day activities, inform your health-care provider. Short-term counseling may be necessary to help you cope with the demands of pregnancy and prevent long-term problems.

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