Are Your Members Satisfied? Part 2

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Good service is more than just a goodreturn policy. Crawford and Mathews found that consumers differentiated between various kinds of services a company can offer. The first is “pre-sale service,” characterized by a knowledgeable salesperson or front desk attendant who is capable of answering a potential member’s questions. The second type of service is “transaction-level service,” which occurs at the time of the sale to inform the consumer about special offers. Finally, consumers spoke about “post-sale service.” For a fitness facility, this can range from sincere employees resolving problems for the member,to competent staff following up with the new member to help design an exercise program.

Types of service

Service-oriented competition requires that you listen to your members. However, you do have a choice when it comes to the level of service your business delivers. You can choose whether your business accommodates, educates or customizes.

Accommodation.Members expect that they should not have to wait to use cardiovascular equipment, and your equipment should be clean and in working order.Members must feel like they are respected and treated fairly. Employees should take member comments and complaints seriously. This will require hiring and training employees who are committed to servicing customers first.

Education.If you want to compete at a higher level of service, offer your members education. Consumers want information about your products and services. Your personal trainers should be knowledgeable,and should teach their clients how their bodies work and aboutwhy theexercises they offer are beneficial. Employees must be able to adapt. They will need to be able to speak in a language that all of your members can understand.

Customization.To get a five-star rating in service, your fitness center must offer members individualized products or services. Customization can come in many forms: placing special orders; cutting or adding to refashion products to meet special needs; researching and providing information or handouts; taking into consideration specific health goals and conditions; andgiving suggestions in groupfitness classes about how to adapt routines for certain desired results, based on knowing the participants.

It’s about choices

It’s your choice. Do you want your service level to be on par, to differentiate or to dominate? Just remember that exceeding your members’ expectations may be your facility’s greatest potential return on investment.

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