Breast Feeding Basics. Part 2

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Inverted nipples do not prevent women from breast feeding. Many women with inverted nipples feed well. Special preparation may be needed, such as the Hoffman Technique and using a breast shield.

Hoffman Technique: Place your thumbs on either side of your nipple. Draw your thumbs away from the nipple. Next place your thumbs above and below the nipple and repeat. Remember to be gentle and to do this twice a day for a few minutes. This technique is only recommended for inverted nipples.

Breast Shells: These can be purchased at any maternity store. The breast shells are worn inside a bra, start slow and gradually work up to 8-10 hours per day. Wearing the shells are not noticeable or painful. Remove the shells for short periods to allow your skin to breathe.

It does not matter what size or shape your breasts are to be successful at breast feeding.

The following changes in the breast are normal during pregnancy and the lactation period :

The alveoli or “milk producing glands” in your breast breast will increase and at times double the size of your breasts.
The breast tissue and nipples may become extremely sensitive to touch .
The nipple and areola may appear to have darken in color.
Montgomery glands : small bumps around the areola may appear and secrete substance that helps keep the nipples lubricated as well as producing a faint scent that will help draw your infant to your nipple.
Important : Good nutrition is essential for successful breast feeding. Dieting to loose weight is discouraged….as a matter of act it is recommended that you increase your baseline caloric consumption by 500 calories per day. It is also recommended that your increase the amount of fluid consumption ( water / juices ) to eight 8 oz. glasses a day. Most doctors recommend that you continue to take the prenatal vitamins that you took during your pregnancy.

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