Fat-Free Feeding Frenzy Flouts Facts. Part 2

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The low-fat proponents cited a study that showed people lost weight better on a diet rich in plant foods and low in fat. The alternative-fat proponents graphed the results of six studies that showed weight loss from low-fat diets was mostly in the first three to six months, after which weight plateaued or was gained. (more…)

Fat-Free Feeding Frenzy Flouts Facts. Part 1

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This could be fun, I thought, writing the head for this editorial. I started writing:

Famished Food Fanciers’ Fetish for Fat-Free Food Flunks Fitness Feasibility

But that wouldn’t fit. Neither would: (more…)

The Unusual Bond of Diabetes

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As two diabetics, my daughter and I share an unusual bond. Some of the advantages of our having the same disease are obvious, others are subtler, and there are big disadvantages one might not expect. (more…)

The Simple Truth About Soy. Part 2

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Soyfoods assists in healthy heart function in several ways. They reduce cholesterol by prohibiting its oxidation. Oxidized cholesterol is the only form that damages, causing plaque to build up in the arteries. Familiar terms for this condition are atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis. Soy also appears to lower triglyceride levels and maintain HDL (good) cholesterol levels. (more…)

The Simple Truth About Soy. Part 1

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There is so much power packed into the little soybean and the world is starting to recognize just how much. It has been written that soy foods are an excellent addition to a healthy eating lifestyle. Now it is time to find out how soyfoods began. What really are the health benefits of soy? What is tofu anyway?