Reaction Without Fear, Part 2

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hen determining the type of fear you are dealing with try looking at the bigger picture. Step aside, slow down and notice what you are afraid of. For me, it would have been losing money, having to adjust my lifestyle, but it all came down to one thing, change. (more…)

Reaction Without Fear, Part 1

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Operating a graphic arts business for the past 20 years has certainly brought its share of memorable experiences. The most challenging being, how to respond to any given situation without “reacting”. This is a lesson in responding to uncomfortable situations without the reaction of fear. (more…)

How Habits Form

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You’ve probably heard someone say that smoking is just a “bad habit.” While nicotine addiction and psychological dependence contribute to the problem, habit is also probably a big part of why you smoke. Let’s look at how habits are formed so you can have a better understanding of how to break them. (more…)

Adoption Resources

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The National Adoption Information Clearing House
The National Adoption Information Clearing House offers links to almost 100 adoption newsletters and publications that address everything from general adoption issues to specific ones, including international adoptions, adoptions by gays and lesbians, open adoption, single adoption and more. (more…)

Expand Your Assertiveness Tool Kit

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She is “everywoman.” Isabella, a former patient, is bright, outgoing, warm and funny. She is also very successful in her career as a photographer. But Izzy has a deep, dark secret. She doesn’t know how to express displeasure, ask for what she needs, or stop putting everyone else’s wants before her own. Sound familiar? (more…)

The Write Stuff

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Some kids are natural-born writers. From the time they learn how to print their ABCs, they’re constantly badgering you to spell words for them so they can write a story or send off a letter to Grandma and Grandpa. (more…)

Good Enough

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“She’s not doing well this term because she hasn’t handed in one project,” my daughter’s sixth-grade teacher informed me at our jaw-dropping parent-teacher conference. “That can’t be,” I sputtered, recalling many evenings I’d helped her research, write, color and staple projects ranging from “The Indigenous Peoples of the Northeast” to the “Four Stages of Growth in a Bean Plant.” (more…)

Obstacles That Get in the Way of Success in School

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During their journey from dependent to independent human beings, adolescents experiment with a variety of behaviors and relationships. Sometimes the choices they make are not in their best interest and may bring on consequences that could alter their academic career, and, therefore, their lives. (more…)

Is Laser Eye Surgery Worth it?

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Everything was a blur for me. I would wake up and see a blurry clock, a blurry room, a blurry bathroom, until I put my contacts in, first thing every morning. After wearing contacts for over ten years, this routine was starting to get a little old!

I was curious about laser eye surgery when it debuted in the early/mid 90’s, as it was still in FDA trials. I started skydiving as a hobby (no I’m not crazy) and my contacts couldn’t hold up to the pressure of the wind. This is what finally forced me to research and seriously consider the advances in laser eye surgery. (more…)

Entering the Zone through Self-Hypnosis

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In the previous sections of Part III of this article on entering the Zone through self-hypnosis, I explore the methodology for entering the Zone and the benefits you will receive from practicing this technique. In addition, I give specific instruction on how to achieve rapid induction. (more…)

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