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Only if you are committed should you begin your lifelong journey to health and the healthy weight that will follow. Otherwise, you will still be seeking the temporary fixes that will ultimately end in failure, yet again.

Once you’ve made your mind up you are committed, and after you’ve got a health notebook (just a 3-ring binder to collect information and write notes in), you need to record the reasons you ARE committed and what you want out of your lifelong commitment to wellness.

Divide your notebook into the four areas in which you must balance your healthy efforts: spiritual, emotional, physical and social. This will allow you to organize helpful articles, recipes, and to record your notes as you go. (Put a 3-hole-punched theme book behind each category also.)

HEALTHY GOAL FOR THE WEEK:In your emotional notebook, write your overall life goals and how health and wellness fit into them. Brainstorm as many answers as possible to these questions: “What would be my dream life, and how does health relate to every aspect of it?”

There are thousands of resources on goal setting and designing a beautiful life. Some authors who have positively influenced me are Tony Robbins (Awaken the Giant Within), Jim Rohn (see his website and subscribe to his great free ezine), Mark Victor Hansen (yes, the Chicken Soup books are fab, but most helpful to me is the lesser known book he wrote with Jack Canfield, The Alladin Factor), Norman Vincent Peale, Dale Carnegie, and Zig Ziglar. Use these resources to learn to write your goals and affirmations and to stay motivated for the long haul.

You simply have to spend a significant amount of time on designing your overall life in all its facets before you can even HOPE to achieve lasting success in health and weight management. The reason I know this from personal experience is that it is only when you have a dream which drives you, and worthy supporting goals to pursue, that you will be committed, instead of just interested, in the wellness which will enable it all to come true. People who are what Zig Ziglar calls “wandering generalities” do not really care that much about their health or appearance … they don’t really care about anything else, so what would motivate them in these areas?

See, you cannot isolate health and a healthy weight as if it were an algebra problem to work and be done with. Health and your body’s ideal size are just two of the threads woven in the intricate quilt of your entire life.

As with all of the other threads, the wonderful news is that you get to choose most of them.

Only you can answer the one question that will determine your quilt’s pattern: are you interested … or committed?