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To promote awareness of prostate cancer and the dangers of high cholesterol, the Employee Wellness Warehouse at AlliedSignal offered onsite prostate cancer screenings and cholesterol testing sessions, and held informational sessions on the topics. Many people “don’t have time to go to the lab, so we brought the lab to them,” says Matthew Moreno, exercise specialist for the Employee Wellness Warehouse. Employees enjoyed the convenience of onsite screening, which also educated AlliedSignal employees, spouses and Wellness Warehouse members on how to prevent prostate cancer and lower cholesterol levels. An onsite electronic monitor system, flyers, banners and mailings were used to promote the week-long event.

After the cholesterol information and testing sessions, and the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood testing, individuals received a detailed explanation of their PSA and/or cholesterol values. Recommendations for further examination were made for individuals who fell into high- and mid-risk categories.

The primary purpose of Wellness Warehouse, according to Moreno, is to “promote wellness for the employees at AlliedSignal,” so the screenings would have been successful even if they only prevented the occurrence of prostate cancer in one individual.

Another goal of the screenings is to reduce insurance rates, since statistics show that healthcare costs can be reduced up to $3,005 per individual each year if prostate cancer is prevented. The company could save more than $60,000 in medical costs if one coronary bypass surgery is prevented.

Although financial benefits resulted from the screenings, more important is the knowledge acquired by employees about prevention. Prostate cancer is almost entirely preventable. The event resulted in 224 prostate and 136 cholesterol screenings — a total of 360 employees educated about the long-lasting benefits of good health.