Entering the Zone through Self-Hypnosis

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In the previous sections of Part III of this article on entering the Zone through self-hypnosis, I explore the methodology for entering the Zone and the benefits you will receive from practicing this technique. In addition, I give specific instruction on how to achieve rapid induction.

I want to take a moment to give you some ideas to improve your technique, once you have understood the sensations necessary for rapid induction. It is not necessary to have perfected the technique for you to progress, but the closer you are to achieving mastery, the closer you are to understanding it well enough to pass onto others.

While the thumbnail technique is popular because it gives you a physical mnemonic (the rubbing of the thumbnail) to trigger physical and mental relaxation, it may place you in a position where you can only enter an altered state by rubbing your thumbnail. One method of combating this is to wean yourself off of rubbing the thumbnail as a requirement for entering this state of focused relaxation.

After you are comfortable with applying the thumbnail technique to yourself, begin the change by a slight alteration of the methodology. Instead of telling yourself, “Whenever I move my index finger across my thumbnail, I am focused and relaxed,” say to yourself, “Whenever I touch my thumb and index finger together…” You may ask yourself, if the alteration is so slight, why could I not have used it in the first place? The reason for this is that the act of moving the finger across the thumbnail is one of both touch and motion, and it is much easier to imprint into your subconscious than touch alone.

Following the touching of the thumb and finger, you will make a somewhat radical departure. You will tell yourself; “Whenever my thumb and index finger touch the air…” Continual dedication to your practice will lead you to the next level of training for your subconscious. The goal you are working toward is that of, “Whenever I am confronted by an attacker, or by an unfamiliar situation, I will enter the Zone.”

In the same way that the physical aspects of the martial arts take months and years of dedicated practice, proper training of the mental aspects of the martial arts must also be developed in stages. If you remember to pursue each goal with focus and determination, you will succeed, and if there is one thing for you to remember after reading these articles it would be: When in doubt, relax.

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