First Aid: Choking Person

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Accidents occur every day, and they can be life threatening, particularly if the airways are involved. Frequently children, and sometimes adults, find that a foreign object such as a coin, bone fragment or even dentures have blocked their airways. Unless prompt action is taken, this can be fatal.

The following are the primary signs that a person may be choking:

* Severe cough;
* Respiratory noise;
* Skin discoloration (due to decreased blood oxygen);
* Shortness of breath;
* Wheezing.
If these symptoms occur, your first thought should be that perhaps the person is choking on a foreign object, and you must act quickly!

You should follow the below steps without delay:

1. As soon as you can, call emergency services and tell them distinctly that the problem involves choking;

2. To knock loose the foreign object, allow the choked individual to cough as hard as he/she can;

3. With the palm of your hand, smack down hard on the back between the shoulder blades;

4. If that fails to work, then get behind the person, encircle your arms around the waist, bowing a bit forwards;

5. Close your fist tightly, place it around the waist, catch hold of it with the other hand;

6. In embrace, use both hands to impart a hard hit towards the stomach, like attempting to lift the individual (Heimlich procedure);

7. Do that several times; hopefully this procedure will clear the airway;

8. If it fails to work, keep doing it until the medical personnel arrives.

I hope you and everyone nearby keeps safe!

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