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PlayStation 2 fans finally have a skateboarding game to play.
The bad news is that the game, ESPN X-Games Skateboarding

Hasn’t even got press as good as the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater for the PlayStation, which is two years old. To broaden their horizons and drop to the machine quality it was probably intended for, they also released it today for the GameBoy.

The essentials are there however (decent 3-D graphics, ESPN-style visual and audio trimmings, a pumping soundtrack and tons of aerial stunts), but the title is clunky, with somewhat unresponsive controls and repetitive gameplay.

Perhaps the real good news is that Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 3 for the PS2, PS1 and GameBoy arrives on 1st November.This release allows you to challenge upto 4 friends across a LAN or the Internet in both Trick Attack and Graffiti modes.

Time will tell – if you find yourself in on a rainy day with no undercover area to skate then why not write your review on a game you like/dislike and share it with your community.