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Halloween is just around the corner and  we’re hoping you’re preparing for a nice big skating celebration. Whether it’s a group event on roads, ice or otherwise we’d love to hear and see what you’ve been upto, so please remember to logon during November to write a short article about where your most recent eerie skate!

A few changes have been made to the site this month, one of which we’d urge you to take a  which now can hold your ICQ and Yahoo! Messenger contact details to share with other members. Other requested features include email list exclusion in several categories and a more reliable editing system.

We always love to hear from you about what you want from the site and we’re always looking for new members across the globe so we’re now offering a great prize to our 1000th member – get your skating friends to sign up and put in their profile that they heard  from you and we’ll even send you a prize too!

Our popularity is now beginning to grow and although our members mainly reside in the US and UK, we’re attracting skaters from Mexico, China, Croatia and many other countries. Why not search for them on our member section and drop them a quick message?!?

We look forward to seeing you back at the site soon!

Have a great Halloween