Ichikawa. Part 5

Fitness |

Aiki-Jujutsu will seek control through pressure points and wrist manipulation; while its ancestor aikido strives for a more peaceful path, aiming to redirect the energy you attack with so you end up dominating yourself. It’s quite a blow to your ego when you realize that you can and have been submitted in every range of combat imaginable.

If being made to do something against your will and resistance isn’t magic, I don’t know what is. There’s magic at the core of every martial art. The secret is this: there isn’t anything mystical about it. It’s simply effort and understanding transformed into skill that can seem like magic to the person stepping on the mat for the first time.

I can still be made helpless by my instructors, but what was once an unholy mix of wide eyed wonder and greed for physical power has shifted to an admiration for how these dominants cast their spell, and the years of dedication they’ve labored in honing their craft. Perhaps someday I’ll be able to dominate with consummate skill and control as well. It may take a lifetime of study, but I know firsthand what a noble goal it is.

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