Intro To Rock Climbing

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Ever look up a rock face and wonder what it would be like to climb it? Or what it would feel like to hang suspened in the air by your finger tips?

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is one of the oldest sports that can be called extreme. Even climbing with a group, you are alone, finding your own way up the rock face. There are no limits except those you create.

There are several different styles of rock climbing.

Free Climbing

When you free climb, there is no help up the rock. You get to the top by your own strength or not at all. For safety, you use anchors, harness, and rope. These are only to prevent a fall, not to help you get to the top.

Sport Climbing

Sport climbing takes you up places others have gone before. You use anchors they have left instead of placing your own. Still no extra help.


This is the most dangerous form of rock climbing. You climb without anchor, harness, or rope. Few experienced climbers attempt it. In this type of climb, a mistake can cost you your life.

Alpine Climbing

This combines hiking, rock climbing, and ice climbing. You are pitted against whatever conditions the mountain your on decides to throw at you and, you carry a backpack everywhere.

Indoor Climbing / Pulling Plastic

These use artificial rock faces. You can climb any time. They are also adjustable, so they can change every time you go up.

If this sounds good to you, give it a try and have fun. Remember, if you’ve never climbed, try to find some one to teach you. If you badly injure yourself (or worse), your climbing days are over.

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