Obstacles That Get in the Way of Success in School

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During their journey from dependent to independent human beings, adolescents experiment with a variety of behaviors and relationships. Sometimes the choices they make are not in their best interest and may bring on consequences that could alter their academic career, and, therefore, their lives.

We as parents need to be aware of what our role is when confronted with the poor choices our kids make. It is recommended that parents, in spite of the difficulty of a given situation, work hard at maintaining a loving and mutually respectful relationship with our kids. We face difficult challenges with even greater determination.

The following ideas may be helpful in that process:
Be determined to familiarize yourself with your children’s world outside the home. This includes the school environment as well as the places they frequent to socialize with others. Get to know their friends.

Remember that the best intervention is prevention: A solid foundation and a healthy self-esteem will help your son or daughter to remain free from major problems during their adolescent years.

It is important to be honest with your kids when speaking with them about topics that are difficult. You may want to share your own positive and negative experiences. They may soon understand that they don’t have to be perfect, and that the world is not a “perfect” place. We all make mistakes, but can become better informed about important matters. This means topics like gangs, drugs or sexuality, and being open and frank. When parents speak openly, it provides a sense of security for the child, and a measure of knowledge, which would otherwise be heard on the street or from an uneducated friend. This is also a good time to discuss your own family’s values and goals with each other.

Family rituals, which have formed a part of your teenager’s growing up years, are important. For example: birthdays, eating together, family picnics and sports, commemorating holidays, etc. Even if your teen seems disinterested, the consistency of certain rituals gives her or him the sense of security needed to confront an ever-changing world.

Some young people choose a longer and more painful road, but remember, that it is never too late to get back on the track, and to continue pursuing the dream of higher education. As parents we may continue to encourage them to continue with their studies when their circumstance stabilize.

Demonstrate the love you have for your kids, even if you have had good reason to feel disillusioned by the choice he, or she, has made. The last one to give up on hope is the parent. Don’t become discouraged, even in the worst of circumstances. We can find hope!