Sexuality and Aging

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Most men considering the prospects of aging, ponder concerns of sexual responsiveness.

During the natural process of aging, most men lose their reproductive capacity, although unlike women, not a cessation. Fertility changes relate to the reduction in the amount of viable sperm, per ejaculation. The ability to make semen also changes. After the age of forty, anatomical changes occur in the prostate gland with some tissues (especially those in the back), atrophying. After the age of sixty, due mainly to accumulated deterioration, inelastic connective tissue replaces the aged cells and there is even greater reduction in the prostate’s ability to make semen. Prostate size changes which occur in older men, are still challenging medical research as to a reason why, but the gland cells and connective tissue in the center of the prostate ‘over-grow’ making it increasingly difficult for either ejaculation, and urination.

Most men, considering the prospect of getting older, ponder concerns of sexual responsiveness. Questions like “Will I produce?” and “Will I maintain erections?” It is excited nerves that cause an erection, yet as men get older it is increasingly difficult to produce and maintain an erect penis during sexual stimulation. There are always exceptions to thew rule, but there are several reasons for this deterioration.

1. More growth of the connective tissue on the inner surface of the penis.
2. The veins and arteries become more rigid and therefore, less blood flows through.

One cannot escape the fact that biological changes affect your reproductive organs, but in terms of enjoyment, these changes mean nothing. The aging man’s reproductive function is less pronounced than a woman’s. A healthy man can continue to father children well into his sixth, seventh, and even eighth, decade of life.

Unconditional love

There are no promises in this life, you only get one crack at it, but there are many possibilities that unfold in a lifetime of choices. Good health


A positive attitude

The true pursuit of freedom and happiness

An inspiring wisdom

An undying faith

Monetary wealth and acquisition

But something is missing.

You have everything, but you also have nothing. The man on the other end of the spectrum, could have what you miss (and want), and actually possess the greatest gift of the three billion years of human evolution.

What is it that an ageless man needs and ultimately wants to make his life whole? He wants love. He wants to receive love that is freely given (without strings). Without the living experience of receiving and nonjudgmental act of giving love, he hasn’t really lived. Living and meaning the message of unconditional love is attainable to all men, regardless of age. Rich or poor, free or imprisoned, sick or well, illiterate or intellectual, atheist or religious believer, whatever path you are on, you can transform your existence. Loving without any conditions is a gift. Your main goal is to live for now and make the most of every moment by allowing the endless energy of universal love flow through you, and poor out to others, too.

This type of loving allows a man to think, to experience and to fully, be. Whenever a man reaches this crisis point regardless of its origin, unconditional love (spirituality in motion), improves and changes it course. Once you begin on this path you’ll realize that it’s not an intellectual challenge requiring a Ph.D., intelligent or not, it could take a lifetime, it could take a few weeks, but once you initiate the process, there’s no going back to how things were. Unconditional loving forces you to examine all the self-made barriers in your life, and then pull them all down one, by one. Unconditional love forces you to let go. Once this force if surging through your body you’ll heal (angry) actions, change (outdated) attitudes, simplify words, alter habits, and more importantly, retard your aging process by letting go of ingrained feelings of guilt, fear, insecurities, greed, negativism, and the lust for self-power.

Time and Quality for a lifetime

Sex may be good, but like anything worth your time, improvements in initiation, style, and content, can make it even better. Loving and intimacy can prolong the quality of your encounter or partnership, and your life too so spice it up with your wife (or significant other) you’re committed to. Being a sexual virtuoso never hurt true lasting love or intimacy one bit, so behave in a way that’s sincere, honest, kind and loveable if you want to be loved in return. Outdated and unsatisfying, the ‘wam-bam-thank-you-mame’ days are age promoting and relationship destructive, and lead to speedy ejaculations. Not too good for her either! Taking your time and enjoying the texture and contour of each body can be far more rewarding on both a sexual and emotional level. Changing your views and opinions on sexual pleasure through literature on positions, situations and quality foreplay will also increase your staying power, and ultimately your enjoyment, too. Sex books are like cookbooks, you can select suggestions then tailor-suit them to your preference and lifestyle needs.