Summer Solstice

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A morning in June dawns quiet and still
As the solstice approaches in meadow and hill.
The songs of summer are filled with cheer
For the warmth from the rays of the sun so near.

The fields are abundant with fodder and mill
And the creepers and crawlers take of their fill.
A shimmering breeze softly rustles the leaves
And intertwines colors on a tapestry weave.

The gentle Oak giant spreads its long arms
And offers protection from all the day’s harms.
A cool place to shelter in the hot wavy haze,
A safe place to rest in a slow sleepy daze.

At dusk as skies darken a single star shines, as the warm evening winds bring the scent of the vines. Fireflies glitter and dance in and out and nocturnal stirrings are heard all about.

Oh Summer your long days of plenty and play
Bring us hope and rejuverance in nature’s way.
Until the air turns with the waning of time,
We will sing of Summer oh so sublime.