Reaction Without Fear, Part 1

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Operating a graphic arts business for the past 20 years has certainly brought its share of memorable experiences. The most challenging being, how to respond to any given situation without “reacting”. This is a lesson in responding to uncomfortable situations without the reaction of fear. (more…)

Starting Out in Tai Chi Chuan

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If you’ve ever tried playing a piano or a guitar for the first time, you can probably remember how awkward those first attempts were. The instrument was something foreign, and your fingers wouldn’t cooperate. Your teacher probably gave you musical scales to learn and told you to practice, practice, practice. (more…)

There’s Still Time to Get In Skiing Shape

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Heading for the slopes? Get in great ski shape with these tips and exercises that will soon have you effortlessly skiing down your favorite run. (more…)

Yes, Charge Extra

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Most of the respondents who think it is OK to charge extra for specialty group classes think so because fitness facilities usually pay more for these types of instructors. Says one facility owner/manager, “It is certainly within reason to charge more for a specialty class, because the instructor has obtained the higher certification, and the club often pays the instructor [more] per class.” (more…)

How can I Tone my Body Part 1

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I am 22 years old, and I have lost 12 pounds. I was 166 pounds and now I weigh 154 pounds. I was wondering how I could tone my body without gaining muscle or using a gym? (more…)

What Do We Know About It Post 1

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Armed with little if any knowledge of how creatine works, athletes at all levels have taken an unknown health risk and invested large sums of money in hopes of gaining a competitive edge. (more…)

New Type of Gene Therapy May Help Shrink Cancer Tumors

Cancer |

MALDEN- A preliminary study using a new gene therapy technique may prove to be a breakthrough in the treatment of cancer tumors.

Scientists at the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston report that nine men with advanced lung cancer were given treatment with a special gene already present in the body. This gene, called p53, has been described as a kind of “guardian” gene. When healthy, it can suppress the growth of tumors and help destroy damaged cells.