Are Your Members Satisfied? Part 2

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Good service is more than just a goodreturn policy. Crawford and Mathews found that consumers differentiated between various kinds of services a company can offer. The first is “pre-sale service,” characterized by a knowledgeable salesperson or front desk attendant who is capable of answering a potential member’s questions. (more…)

Are Your Members Satisfied? Part 1

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How do your members perceive your facility? It is likely that their perceptions change depending on circumstances. For example, as John, one of your fitness specialists, makes his rounds, he stops by a member who is riding a stationary cycle to offer suggestions and tochat. The member perceives John as a helpful, friendly employee, and the club’s service as being good. (more…)

Weekly Horoscope with a Twist Post 2

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The flowing trine between Jupiter in Gemini and Neptune in Aquarius increases the potential for thoughts and communication of a spiritual, mystical nature. Even die-hard athesists and agnostics will feel connected to something much larger then themselves. Since this trine occurs in the Air element, which encourages verbal communication, subjects including philosophy, travel, “searching,” and education, as well as religion, will be on many people’s lips. (more…)

Linux Craze Sparks High Tech Brain Drain

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The Linux operating system has finally captured the attention of the business world, with the runup this week in Corel’s stock price and Red Hat’s recent gangbusters initial public offering.

It is causing many business executives to scratch their heads, wondering why a computer operating system that’s free can possibly be significant.