Reaction Without Fear, Part 2

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hen determining the type of fear you are dealing with try looking at the bigger picture. Step aside, slow down and notice what you are afraid of. For me, it would have been losing money, having to adjust my lifestyle, but it all came down to one thing, change. (more…)

The Kung Fu of Tai Chi Chuan

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The literal translation of Kung Fu is, ‘hard work or skillful effort.’ Although the movement in Tai Chi Chuan appears to be relaxed and effortless, there are many things happening beneath the surface. (more…)

HGH Supplements Can Help To…

Anti-aging |

HGH enhancers are what their name claims — they naturally enhance the making of human growth hormone. Those supplements are often referred to as “Secretagogues” and generally have an amino acid stack with mineral and vitamins. Those supplements don’t have HGH.