Ichikawa. Part 1

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My introduction to martial arts began auspiciously enough. Sent to Japan as an exchange student, my militaristic high school “encouraged” me to train in one of the traditional Japanese arts offered at the after school clubs. I had several options available, including kyudo (traditional archery) and kendo (sportive fencing), along with the less physically demanding ikebana (flower arranging) and sado (tea ceremony). (more…)

There’s Still Time to Get In Skiing Shape

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Heading for the slopes? Get in great ski shape with these tips and exercises that will soon have you effortlessly skiing down your favorite run. (more…)

How can I Tone my Body Part 1

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I am 22 years old, and I have lost 12 pounds. I was 166 pounds and now I weigh 154 pounds. I was wondering how I could tone my body without gaining muscle or using a gym? (more…)