Mountain Climbing in Antarctica, Part 3

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December 30, Camp 3 to Base Camp
We wake up late, knowing how much we have to carry down the mountain, and dreading it. We descend slowly, admiring the spectacular views. Further down we see that a huge ice section had avalanched off the face yesterday and slid over our trail. The ice chunks are the size of cars. (more…)

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Fat-Free Feeding Frenzy Flouts Facts. Part 1

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This could be fun, I thought, writing the head for this editorial. I started writing:

Famished Food Fanciers’ Fetish for Fat-Free Food Flunks Fitness Feasibility

But that wouldn’t fit. Neither would: (more…)

Heart Disease

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The latest research findings appear to have turned the tables on our once high hopes for vitamin E. Now it looks increasingly unlikely that this antioxidant vitamin is a “magic bullet” that by itself can put a dent in heart disease. (more…)