Women Have Less Time for Exercise

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If your facility is in a lower-income area, then you can support your community’s health by encouraging women to exercise. A study published in the American Journal of Public Health (December 2001) found that women with an annual of income less than $20,000 had less time to exercise compared to men with the same income. (more…)

Fat-Free Feeding Frenzy Flouts Facts. Part 2

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The low-fat proponents cited a study that showed people lost weight better on a diet rich in plant foods and low in fat. The alternative-fat proponents graphed the results of six studies that showed weight loss from low-fat diets was mostly in the first three to six months, after which weight plateaued or was gained. (more…)

Collegiate Health and Wellness

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New Piercing Fad Brings About Health Concerns

Piercing a variety of body parts and inserting jewelry can be traced to ancient times, and has become a very popular fad with adolescents and young adults today. However, there is much to be considered before proceeding with piercing.