Quality check your Web site

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If you are like many entrepreneurs, you’ve taken the plunge, established a World Wide Web site and are learning how to do business on the Internet.

But do you know whether your Web site is operating all of the time? There may be some real problems with your site that you don’t know about. (more…)

TV,Radio Execs Need to Wake Up

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I was a keynote speaker at the annual Canadian Association of Broadcasters conference in October.

In talking about (obviously) the Internet, my intent was twofold — first and foremost, to help the industry understand how the Internet can be used effectively as a marketing, service and education tool, and the role it should play with their strategic objectives. (more…)

Why marketers should focus on great digital creative. Part 2

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From my perspective, things began to go wrong in the early days of the Internet when Procter & Gamble, long one of the most dominant and far-reaching forces in the marketing world, decided that it would only pay for advertisements on Web sites if people happened to click on them.