Osteoporosis Detection

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We know osteoporosis is a horrible disease that often affects post-menopausal women. We know that the decreased estrogenic environment present after the menopause is associated with increased incidence of osteoporosis and osteopenia, the low bone mass precursor to osteoporosis. Because the ramifications of fractures resulting from osteoporosis are so serious (potential for death, decreased mobility and healthcare dollars), it is important to make a diagnosis of osteoporosis or osteopenia as soon as possible. Osteoporosis is treatable and even preventable. (more…)

Jumpin’ Jupiter

Entertainment |

Sharp analysts or empty quote-meisters? Dot-coms can’t stop citing Jupiter research, even if they don’t always believe it.

If ubiquity is the ultimate measure of success in the Net Economy, then Jupiter Communications and its CEO Gene DeRose may be its most successful tag team. Rare is the IPO prospectus that doesn’t use Jupiter statistics to prove that the new venture is on solid ground. No newspaper article on the Internet is finished unless it’s topped off with a snappy quote from one of its analysts. PowerPoint presentations seem strangely hollow without a Jupiter-supplied Net Economy growth chart.