Are Your Members Satisfied? Part 1

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How do your members perceive your facility? It is likely that their perceptions change depending on circumstances. For example, as John, one of your fitness specialists, makes his rounds, he stops by a member who is riding a stationary cycle to offer suggestions and tochat. The member perceives John as a helpful, friendly employee, and the club’s service as being good. (more…)

Quality check your Web site

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If you are like many entrepreneurs, you’ve taken the plunge, established a World Wide Web site and are learning how to do business on the Internet.

But do you know whether your Web site is operating all of the time? There may be some real problems with your site that you don’t know about. (more…)

Spare Change Agents Post 2

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“iPIN is going to create a new market that hasn’t existed and is launching it with a very efficient model,” gushes the company’s first prominent financier, Gil Amelio, the former Apple Computer chief who, after getting bounced in Apple’s gloom-and-doom days in 1997, has spent much of his time and money since helping to seed-fund Web and tech startups, including the real estate service.