Weekly Horoscope with a Twist Post 2

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The flowing trine between Jupiter in Gemini and Neptune in Aquarius increases the potential for thoughts and communication of a spiritual, mystical nature. Even die-hard athesists and agnostics will feel connected to something much larger then themselves. Since this trine occurs in the Air element, which encourages verbal communication, subjects including philosophy, travel, “searching,” and education, as well as religion, will be on many people’s lips.

Since this aspect occurs only two days prior to Passover, it favors those who are planning Seders. The story of the Jews’ exodus from Egypt, where they were kept as slaves, will have special importance even for those who have been giving or attending Seder dinners for decades. Slaves are ruled by Neptune, and so under the Jupiter/Neptune trine, the time is ripe for anyone in a situation of literal or psychic bondage to free himself.

However, as with all trines, there is a danger of coasting and putting off definite action for tomorrow. Barring extreme torture, having all your decisions made for you by a captor is often easier to live with than being the captain of your own ship.

On Friday, Mercury leaves fatalistic, soul-searching Pisces and enters impulsive, headstrong Aries. For the next two weeks, people will be less passive, more impatient and inclined to shoot first and ask questions later. Mercury in Aries will particularly favor Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) and Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), while the more sensitive Water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, and especially Cancer) and cautious Earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, and especially Capricorn) may feel out of sorts with their local environment.

The final aspect of the week occurs on Saturday: the Full Moon in Libra. While Full Moons always indicate the culmination of a Lunar cycle and indicate emotional tension due to being pulled in two opposite directions, this one in particular will focus on relationship issues: the Self vs. the Other, your own needs vs. the needs of your partner.

Such crises need not involved a spouse or loved one, but a counselor, agent, or business partner. All signs will be affected by the Full Moon, but especially Arians, Librans, Cancerians (who are ruled by the Moon), and Capricorns will feel the brunt of it. The latter two signs mentioned will especially feel pulled apart in terms of home vs. career, due to a partner’s discontent.