When Stress Does Not Go Away

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Has your stress begun to interfere with your daily life?

Here is a way to check.


Everyone experienced the Sept. 11th tragedy in their own way. Whatever your level of stress now, please take a minute or two and see if any of these signs fit. Even if you are doing okay, check anyway. If any of these signs do fit, that would be good to know. If they don’t that is good,too.

Remember that this list is describing signs that tell you about your stress. The list is asking you to check for possible ways that you feel and behave differently. If some of these describe changes in you, then ask yourself how often these things happen: never? once in a while? some of the time? nearly all the time? Maybe the signs happen at specific times during the day.

You may also notice something different that is not on the list. Maybe you will discover that you are doing better than you thought. Maybe the list will confirm your knowing that you are going through a rough time.

Here is the list of signs that your stress is causing difficulty in your day to day life:

1. Sleeping more or less than usual. Difficulty going to sleep or waking up. Being afraid to go to sleep. Having nightmares.
2. Lack of appetite, overeating when we are not eating, feeling nauseated or vomiting
3. Increased and more intense anxiety, worry, and fears level. Wanting to cry and can’t; crying for what seems no reason. Unable to stop crying.
4. Inability to focus beyond brief periods of time
5. Frequent forgetfulness
6. Lapses in time, that is when it seems that time passes and you feel as if you were not there. Almost as if you were in a trance.
7. Headaches, stomach aches, chills, extreme tiredness, over-reaction to situations, and sometimes itching or rashes.

If you have any of these signs, and they seem to be lasting a long time, ask a friend to sit with you and to listen. Schedule an appointment with a therapist, counselor, or religious person who can help you regain your hope. Please take care of yourself