Why marketers should focus on great digital creative. Part 1

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As an accountant, I believe I am qualified to say this to many of you marketing types: Would you please stop acting like accountants and get back to acting like marketing folks?

Now that I have your attention, permit me to get this off my chest.

For a long time, I have marvelled at the intrusion into the marketing world’s creative pureness of a bunch of number-crunching numbskulls. What has me on this latest rant is a recent article in the Financial Post titled “Online banners still have legs” by Will Novosedlik. The subtitle says it all: “Better ad-tracking devices designed to soothe clients.” Novosedlik goes on to explain efforts that will allow for reporting on “a wide range of dimensions, including brand awareness, brand perception and audience targeting.” It’s a good article that outlines some of the mathematical tools that can measure the effectiveness of online ad technologies.

But an article like this makes it seem like lots of people in an industry possessed of remarkable creative talents are now rushing off to become Net accountants. Being a Chartered Accountant myself–although I am no longer involved in the practice of this bizarre art–I am stunned that so many creative types seem to be going down this road.

The question is: Are you nuts? Whatever happened to creativity as the key element to marketing success?

Years ago, when the Internet was first emerging, Peter Munck, now group creative director at MacLaren McCann Interactive in Toronto, invited me to speak to a group of his clients about the impact of the Net. After I finished, Munck presented me with a coffee-table book that extolled the creative genius of advertising artist Bill Bernbach. I was enthralled and still am. I often look at this book and marvel at the brilliance of his work. It helped me to understand what people mean by “creative.”

And yet, the digital marketing industry seems eager to leave behind the legacy of folks like Bernbach. Everyone seems to be rushing about, getting involved with a world that is too scientific, too focused on numbers and too involved with technology that lets marketing types act like accountants.

Drop it. Get away from it. Refuse to participate in it. Get back to creative. Dream up a great campaign and figure out how to make technology such as the Web play a role. But don’t get caught up in the numbers. Great digital campaigns–great ideas–stand on their own.

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