Why marketers should focus on great digital creative. Part 2

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From my perspective, things began to go wrong in the early days of the Internet when Procter & Gamble, long one of the most dominant and far-reaching forces in the marketing world, decided that it would only pay for advertisements on Web sites if people happened to click on them.

Wham! An entire industry of number crunchers emerged, intent on measuring hits and page views and who knows what else. And from there was born the insanity of an industry that for awhile tried to base the value of corporate entities on the concept of “eyeballs.” And people were so busy with the science, they lost sight of reality.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. Think about it: The other day, I was driving down the highway and glanced at a great billboard. I read a magazine and, out of the corner of my eye, a neat ad caught my attention. I watched TV and saw a humorous spot.

I’m not part of an ACNeilsen family. Where is the technology tracking my eyeball, recording what I do as a “hit” while I’m driving or reading or watching? There isn’t any, other than broad tools that give broad guidance.

So why the heck do you have to be so bloody precise with the Internet? I think people decided that because the Net lets them track data, it should be done. But no one stopped to ask if this is where the industry really wants to go. And so marketers are busy tracking Web hits and banner ad clickthroughs.

Danger resides in this inane focus on measurement. It leads the digital marketing industry down the path to remuneration based on measurement. Clients will pay if creatives do something that gets great hit rates. The science becomes more important than the concept.

I think that would be very sad, because math has a tendency to kill creative. If this trend continues, the opportunities in the digital marketing industry will be for the number nuts, not for the geniuses who can dream up fascinating stuff.

The fact is, those who have been truly successful marketers are those who have done great creative. So spend your time planning a great campaign, and figure out how to work the Web into it. Dream up a wonderful way to hook me with something online. Continue to explore all the great new online marketing ideas and technologies.

But do it creatively, not scientifically. Because if you do great creative, you won’t need to measure it, because you will achieve a buzz. To take a phrase from Bernbach, “Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make.”

Accountants should be accountants, and creative marketing types should be creative marketing types, and confusing the two just doesn’t add up to buzz-generating digital marketing.

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