Why Should One Undergo A Fertility Detox Diet?

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We are all exposed to a number of toxins every single day, either in our environment, our food or the household products that we utilize, and some of these can accumulate in our bodies over time and cause health issues at some point. “Endocrine disruptors” are especially troubling. They are present in just about everything, including Tupperware, processed foods and body lotion. As a matter of fact, you cannot escape them.

The problem with endocrine disruptors is that they behave in a similar manner to natural hormones that our bodies produce — including progesterone and estrogen, which are female reproductive hormones — and, as the name implies, they disrupt the body’s natural cycles. Some plants mimic estrogen, but our bodies have learned to moderate their impact. For instance, the average half-life of a phytoestrogen (like those that are contained in soy) is just a few minutes, but those that are contained in man-made compounds have half-lives of years or even decades.

Our blood, liver, kidneys, intestines, lungs and skin are natural detoxification systems that are in place to deal with toxins. The sophistication level of these organs’ detox capabilities is so high that some experts think that they are actually capable of neutralizing synthetic chemicals. Because of the number of new kinds of chemicals to which our bodies are exposed on a daily basis, they can become overwhelmed and incapable of doing their jobs.

While research is still in process regarding the effects that these chemicals have on our bodies, it has already been shown that these toxins have many potential long-term effects, including:
* Infertility
* Allergies
* Childhood Cancers
* Learning Disabilities
* Autism
* Mood Disorders

One method that can help reduce the effects of these toxins in addition to helping your body fend them off, is to undergo a full body detox several times per year. In this manner, you can aid your body in many ways, including increasing your odds of becoming pregnant.

The following symptoms may indicate that your body requires a detox:
* headaches, fatigue, weakness
* muscle/joint aches and pains
* brain fog, poor concentration, irritability, depression
* sinus problems, including allergies and stuffy nose
* skin irritations like rashes and itching
* digestive issues
* sensitivities to chemicals, foods, drugs